Local Hosting
PHONE: 912-423-2761
EMAIL: dorothy@webwizardworkshop.com
Local Business Pro Hosting
$ 25.00
Package Includes
1 Website
100 GB Website Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Included Domains
1 Sub Domains
50 Email Accounts
500 MB Email Storage Per Account
Global Content Delivery Network
1 Spam Expert
Local Support w/ Direct Plan
$ 20.00
Package Includes
Direct Plan Billed Separately by Bluehost
Access to local support which includes:
> 24-hour support
> Bluehost mediation on your behalf to resolve site issues
> Prompt and constant updates to you on any issues currently under review
> Access to the WWW ticket tracking system
> Supporting web site operations, security, functionality, and design
Services sold seperately: moderation, migration, development, design, training, feature additions, etc.