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Find a domain that is perfect for your business. Use the domain checker to see if the domain you want is available.

If it is not and you really want it, you could use the WHOIS form to find out more information. If the owners have a private url, the information available may be limited. If not private, then you could determin who owns it and make contact to buy it from them if they are willing to part with it.

This can be expensive, so you'll want to have some alternative domain ideas on hand.  This really is determined by how important that domain is to you and your business and whether you can swing what the owners want to release it to you. You can check all your alternatives right here.

Be sure to review discounts associated with domain registration below and see how you can qualify for them. Once you have decided on a domain, next you'll need to determine what hosting package you need.

Product Description Occurance Price
Domain Registration Management

Domain Registration Management handles the registration and DNS of your domain.

Annually $ 20
Min Referral Discount (DR)

When two potential customers mention your name as their referral you save 50% on your domain registration when it comes up for its next renewal.

TFN $ -10
New Customer Discount (DR)

Save 50% on your first domain registration.

TFN $ -10
Max Referral Discount (DR)

When two or more of your referrals made that year become customers you save another 50%, resulting in FREE domain registration when it comes up for its next renewal.

TFN $ -20

Available Domain Extensions

Logo ORG 

Grayscale HTag
531x235 info

Reversed High 1208
Dot TV Logo
Logo .com 

JPG file
Logo .net 

JPG file
ICM 102 Web Banner 2 mark your spot

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