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There are many avenues for marketing. Unlike the usual branding which uses the company logo, slogan, and company info on items to get their name seen by as many viewers as possible, marketing materials use advertising strategies and concepts to push a product or service via a sales tactic. The most commonly known materials are the age old sales papers, flyers, post cards, banners, signs, etc.

Other more unorthidox methods, or what I like to call 'outside-the-box' methods, include pamplets, brochures, stack cards, magnetic printed materials like menus, business cards, calendars, schedules, or service overviews.

Other opportunities to market your business or product include:

  • Thank your customers on yearly for their continued patronage with a custom designed mug or thank you card.
  • Provide your visitors (potential customers) with custom designed calendars each year highlighting a huge event or significant sale each month.
  • Employees can be walking billboards while enjoying small perks like custom designed mugs, coffee cups, key chains, jump drives, totes, tshirts, polos, caps, etc. Not only employees but the community can too. Why not pick one randum day each month to greet everyone at your door with a token of appreciation for thier stopping by to see what you have to offer with a branded key chain, thumb drive, pen, money clip, etc.
  • Better yet, what about handing out magnetic business cards stick to a potential customer's fridge or a business partner's file cabinet instead of the standard card that can get damaged or lost.
  • Workshops are another great opportunity to turn community members into walking billboards while providing them with a free perk for visiting your booth.

Below are design prices of various types of branded items and a portfolio of items branded by Web Wizard Workshop. We'd be happy to design your logo for you or design a branded item for you. These prices include only the design fee. Once we design the logo or branded product banner we will send it to you via email and keep it available on your Web Wizard Workshop profile for future downloads should you need to retrieve it again at a later date.  Then you can use your favorite vendor to order your branded products. If you don't have a vendor of your own, we will gladly order your products for you and bill you for them if you would like.


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